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Les Reves Tigres. Ils e placer en face du la porte! La guache vers la driote; Josh Hester, John Misarski, Jake Woodruff, Joel "madge" Costanzo, Andy Gary

On rainy night that not even sponges dared to venture out into a gathering of musicians, barristas, friends, photographers, and lovers occurred in a blue Colonial neh-ng-lend-ome. The aged wooden floors of the apartment slanted smoothly as though age, gravity, and the circle of life had produced the effect after a discussion on the concept of “cool.” Our once damp coats, and dreary spirits were warmed by the good graces of our hosts, schlitz, and mellifluous tunes. The melodies were those of Beverly, Massachusetts’ Dreamtigers. The band, Jon Misarski, Joel Costanzo, Andy Gary, Jake Woodruff, Josh Hester, delighted the audience with V-strings, Guitars, Maracas, a suitcase, a tambourine, and an oven rack. Here is the live set;

Water and Smoke



Into the World


Dear John (new song?)

Gary, In-di-studio

concert recorded by Jason Rozen

bottom photo by Danny Ebersole


James Zoller, looking fine.

James Zoller, looking fine and a-poet.

Dr. James Zoller is a English Professor at Houghton College in Western New York. The three poems that we recorded are from his most recent book of poetry, Living on the Flood Plain (may be purchased at WordFarm ). I am no critic on poetry, but from my slight knowledge I would say that Dr. Zoller’s poetry strongly exhibits the qualities of essential verse; it is verse that moves the listener or reader with it’s mimetic rhythms, and clear subtle messages. Dr. Zoller is the author of another book of poetry, Simple Clutter, and has been featured in Antaeus, BlueLine, Zone 3, The Kentucky Poetry Review, Oxford Magazine, Other Poetry (uk), The Best of the Prose Poem, The Christian Century, The Laurel Review, Blue Violin, and The Greenfield Review. He also is a member of a fantastic family.

Trout King

Aaron Wardwell, The Trout King, performs a rendition of George Cromarty and Ed Rush’s plastic Jesus in his living room. Aaron will be attending Gordon College in Wenham, MA next year, and hopes to play shows in the area. He is currently signed to Yes Yes Love Orchestra.

You can hear more of Aaron’s music at, bellow is a recent video of his work.

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