Les Reves Tigres. Ils e placer en face du la porte! La guache vers la driote; Josh Hester, John Misarski, Jake Woodruff, Joel "madge" Costanzo, Andy Gary

On rainy night that not even sponges dared to venture out into a gathering of musicians, barristas, friends, photographers, and lovers occurred in a blue Colonial neh-ng-lend-ome. The aged wooden floors of the apartment slanted smoothly as though age, gravity, and the circle of life had produced the effect after a discussion on the concept of “cool.” Our once damp coats, and dreary spirits were warmed by the good graces of our hosts, schlitz, and mellifluous tunes. The melodies were those of Beverly, Massachusetts’ Dreamtigers. The band, Jon Misarski, Joel Costanzo, Andy Gary, Jake Woodruff, Josh Hester, delighted the audience with V-strings, Guitars, Maracas, a suitcase, a tambourine, and an oven rack. Here is the live set;

Water and Smoke



Into the World


Dear John (new song?)

Gary, In-di-studio

concert recorded by Jason Rozen

bottom photo by Danny Ebersole