Melissa Green

Mellisa Green: Born in Boston. Author of The Squanicook Eclogues, recently reprinted by Pen & Anvil; and Fifty-Two, published by Arrowsmith, both books of poetry. Color is the Suffering of Light, a memoir, was published by Norton. Her work has been published by Agni, The Paris Review. The New Republic and the New York Review of Books.

Wintrhop, MA, is an island. It maybe connected to the mainland and appear to be a peninsula, but it is an island. The roads are difficult to navigate and construction is rampant. The locals say that if you don’t know your way around Winthrop then you aren’t meant to be there.

But, Winthrop is beautiful. The ocean teases the developing ‘burbs roughly, and the sprawl taunts back, it’s foundations nearly encroaching on the way. This strip of coast maintains an atmosphere of planned tempest; expected, and accepted, and lived. It is here that Melissa Green and Joseph Brodsky would walk.

In a place that is before words. It is where Melissa Green crafts words to life.

A Sea Change

Hic Jacet

Portrait of an Artist: Brodsky

The Splendor Father

In Florida


More to come: a selection from Melissa’s most recent work Alkedema…