Ilya Gutner

I was told that I would know him by his unruly hair, beard bare face, and gray tie. We met at the Esspresso Royal cafe. A five shot cappuccino whet Ilya’s poetic flute and prepared us to read from his found Blue Books. He discovered the collection of poems in Hamilton Hall of Columbia University buried in a book donation box. The invocation of the books reads;

Here is a Bluebook for the City
Examination in Old Age:
I’d put some markings on each page
A few of even have some meaning.

I wish you, Reader, some enjoyment
At least a little as you read
(Since you’re the one who speaks the word if
It’s a long afterlife I lead…)

I wish you well, I wish you happy,
I wish you happy with me, too;
And if of friends you’ve got a few,
I’d wish your friends would get a copy.

But I am not pretentious after all;
Or if I am then cavemen were pretentious
When sharing markings for each other’s wall.
Is facebook progress? For your wall: my pictures.

Ilya Gutner is studying the Classics as a graduate student at Columbia University. His reading does the poetry justice below.