I first came upon La Blogotheque a couple of summers ago. It was a summer where sweat, bacon cheese burgers, and screaming 10-12 year olds were a huge part of my life. Needless to say that an innovative concept fusing music, distant lands, and video was welcome.
The concept of Les Concerts A Emporter (A Take Away Show) is contingent upon an artists musical adaptability. Artists such as Fleet Foxes, The Arcade Fire, Noah and the Whale, Beirut, and Lykke Li have all been filmed performing by Director Vincent Moon in unique or unorthodox areas. The music is cut down, and the footage is raw. To me Les Concerts A Emporter feels like an event on a vacation that my father happen to catch, and happened to be a audio and video savvy with.
If you are Franco-phile then the feel of these videos is undeniably French. If you lived in France or are French you might have a different opinion about them. The cinematography is beautiful and the music is intimate. Here are some of my favorite videos;

The Arcade Fire one doesn’t begin until about 4 minutes in but is worthwhile. Enjoy.