Yeasayer – Odd Blood — O triple negative

Odd Blood

Odd Blood

I was anticipating Odd Blood like a man with a bloody nose anticipates a small cylindrical bunching of tissue. However, upon reviewing my anticipation was rewarded only with a ruined album length shirt.
Yeasayer’s first album was one of the best albums of 2008. All Hour Cymbals was an eclectic mix of electronic rhythms, sampled nature jingles, and classic rock rifts. I attended a Man Man show opened by the group and enjoyed their stage act more than I enjoyed the headliners raucous. Yeasayer, composed of two braided members, a scraggly front man, and a clean cut drummer performed dance-beat-informed renditions of their freshman LP. A promising harbinger for fruitful musical streak.

However, while I expected progressive and grand musical leaps in Odd Blood, I receivedĀ  a grouping of catchy pop ditties loosely compiled into an album. Frankly, the album has no depth. I don’t mean to say that the record plays like a Keane album, there is diversity between tracks, but it is puzzling. The opening song The Children, is computerized ad nuasea. Instead of marking their territory Yeasayer sacrifices their identity. Paired with tracks like ONE, a catchy 80’s era jive, and I Remember, a almost pensive electric piece, the combination is jarring.

The album in comparison with All Hour Cymbals is a musical metropolis in shambles, but still some pinnacles of the Yeasayer of old remain. The songs Ambling Amp, and Grizelda both contain soul-earth-water loops, and warbling harmonies (redeming features), but if you want warbling harmony why not just listen to Joanna Newsom’s new album?